Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Blew It! - The Past In Present (2010)

Genre: Emo
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: American Football, Joi De Vivre, Everyone Everywhere
Track List:
- Hope It's Not A Deposit Bottle!
- LB Jeffries
- To The Moon
- Kevin, You're Such A Disease
- Sneaky Fuckin' Russian
- Saddle Up, San Antonio
- Sorry 'Bout That

Another awesome band from my area in Orlando. These guys are solid dudes and they just played a show at my house. Twinkly, pretty emo jams not too far off from American Football, but YBI! are a tad more intense and aggressive at times. They can still play with the reserved "prettyness" that made American Football so good, but You Blew It! incorporate distortion and chunkier riffs with higher frequency, giving their sound a slightly more abrasive feel. Anyway, these guys are friends of mine and it would mean a lot to them if you checked their band out and maybe bought something!

Download from the Bandcamp!


  1. ummmm I was totally at that show on Saturday. You must be friends with Wesley? He told me about that show... crazy stuff

  2. Yeah I love Wesley! The show was on Friday though, are you thinking of the right show?

  3. Thanks for the kind words Wilson. They are definitely appreciated. We're writing new stuff and hopefully you guys like it as much.

    Also, the link to the myspace doesn't work. Thought I'd point that out.

    Again, awesome words!


  4. was that the house show at 2685 tierra circle????

  5. Shittt! i live like an 8 minute bike ride from there and totally meant to go to that show. do you know of any other houses in the area? or are you planning any more in the near future?

  6. we don't have anything planned for right now, but that might change in the future!