Monday, June 30, 2014

Zoo Books - Discography (2014)

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Math Rock
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: The Reptilian / Native / Lautrec
Track List:

- Djangle Unchained
- Slappers Only
- Twinkle Tappies
- Why Not Scorpion?

Right Hooks
- 40" Surgeon
- Wait... What?

Ya know, the basis of this whole blog has been to promote good music to the masses and I think we have somewhat strayed from that idea, by just posting bands that are already fairly big.  Well, in actuality, we strayed from posting on this blog in general but whatever!  Zoo Books is one of those bands that we don't really know that much about (at least I don't).  Saying that, I am hoping for new material from these guys every day.  I picked up this little gem strolling the interwebs, and god dammit am I glad I downloaded this stuff from their bandcamp.  I prefer the scratchy feel of the demos, but the production and sheer brilliance of Right Hooks will surely lure any fan of the post-hardcore scene in and will keep a death grip on them until they die a horrible mathy asphyxiated death.  Noodley riffs, dont forget those, because they have them as well.  Seriously though, check these guys out and support them to the fullest extent, I want a full length from these guys as soon as possible.  Enjoy.

P.S. There was a killer riff in Djangle Unchained around the 25 second mark, that made me think my laptop was about to start dumping physical memory to my fucking hard drive again.  God damn you blue screen, god damn you indeed.

Download Demo

Download Right Hooks

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