Monday, February 8, 2016

Storm the Beaches - Discography (2010-2011)

Genre: Pop Punk
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Man Overboard, Fireworks, Hit the Lights
Gifts From Sea EP (2010)
- Rooftops
- Blue
- That's What You Do
- Waking Up
- Heaven
- Some Sort of Distraction

The Color Earth EP (2011)
- When I Was Young
- She Said
- Just the Way It Is
- Gifts From Sea

I've said this in conversations multiple times, yes, there are better pop punk bands than Storm the Beaches.  I am not debating the fact that they are super original or revolutionary, but what I will say is that the lead singer, Mark Mikina, has the greatest voice in Pop Punk I have ever heard.  Imagine Anthony Green in a more poppy version of early Chiodos and you have Storm the Beaches.  Check em out, and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

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мища - Joyless (2013)

Genre: Screamo, Emo Violence, Punk
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Jeromes Dream, Neil Perry, Louise Cyphre
Track List:
- Track 1
- Track 2
- Track 3
- Track 4
- Track 5
- Track 6
- Track 7
- Track 8
- Track 9

мища (which is super fun to copy & paste every fucking time) is a three piece d.i.y. screamo / emo violence band out of Maryland.  I guess they were known as Vikings! or it was a side project, but Vikings! never took off so they stuck with мища for the remainder of their screamo careers.  Contemporaries would be bands like Deers or Palatka, but they give off a Jeromes Dream vibe for me personally.  So if you like reminiscing about 90s screamo bands but dont feel like listening to the same stuff over and over again, give мища a try.  Ctrl+V, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+V.

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The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (1966)

Genre: Pop / Surf Rock
Website: Homepage
For Fans Of: The Beatles
Track List:
- Wouldn't It Be Nice
- You Still Believe in Me
- That's Not Me
- Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
- I'm Waiting for the Day
- Let's Go Away for Awhile
- Sloop John B
- God Only Knows
- I Know There's an Answer
- Here Today
- I Just Wasn't Made for These Times
- Pet Sounds
- Caroline, No

This is where surf rock comes from, this band led the movement and introduced us to some of the greatest music ever made on this planet.  So then what does that make their 11th album, "Pet Sounds"?  It makes it THE quintessential album to have if you are a fan of the genre, and in my opinion one of, if not the greatest album ever made.  Blah blah blah controversies, I get it, they stole some shit from Chuck Berry and were shot into greatness by competing with the Beatles for record sales.  But fuck man, just listen to the instrumentation and the production and all of the effort put into "Pet Sounds".  This is immaculate, and the harmonies are everything you want in your pop songs.  I assume that mostly everyone has listened to this album in it's entirety at least once, but if you haven't you need this in your collection.  I promise you won't be let down.  Also, if you dig this I would check out The Beatles' "Rubber Soul" to get an idea of what inspired Brian Wilson to create this album.  Then you can listen to McCartney's and Lennon's response to "Pet Sounds" with "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" which you can download here.  Another fun fact is that "God Only Knows" is Paul McCartney's favorite song.  Yeah.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Malicious Code - Demo 2015 (2015)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Blacklisted, Outbreak, Bracewar
Track List:
- Don't Break The Code
- Satanic Sex
- &&
- Sistema Corrupto
- Into the Unknown

Over the course of time there have been few and far between bands to come out of Baltimore as fucking ferocious as Malicious Code.  With members from Wren Lloyd, I already knew what I was coming into.  If anything I knew that whatever type of music these guys were going to put out, it was going to be raunchy, it was going to be raw, and it was going to shut you the fuck up and make you listen.  The pure musicianship here is phenomenal and brings you back to better times when hardcore punk was dominating in every record store, every hole in the wall, every bathroom that had goofy shit written on the inside and outside of the stalls.  Do you want your music doused with anger and the will to rip your skin off your fucking bones and melt your god damn eyeballs?  Give Malicious Code your attention, you won't be disappointed.  And don't forget to buy some shit!

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Japanese Breakfast - Psychopomp (2016)

Genre: Experimental / Indie / Pop
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Porches, Mitski, Krill
Track List:
- In Heaven
- The Woman That Loves You
- Rugged Country
- Everybody Wants to Love You
- Psychopomp
- Jane Cum
- Heft
- Moon on the Bath
- Triple 7

Michelle Zauner, who you may know from Little Big League has outdone herself and her peers.  Musically, this is the single greatest thing I have heard involving her.  A truly emotional roller coaster that leaves you speechless during the journey, and nearly breathless by the destination.  An album dedicated to her mother, you almost expect what would be coming.  Japanese Breakfast proves that the only thing you should expect is the unexpected.  This is the soundtrack to mourning, every song taking you further and further into the life of the lost, but at the end shines a light that is less overbearing and more welcoming than anything.  Japanese Breakfast's "Psychopomp" is the front runner for album of the year for me, and even though we are only in February, I can't imagine this leaving my top 5 for the year anytime soon.  Please check them out, and purchase whatever you can to support them.

Warning: This bitrate for this album is 192Kbps.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Rainbow Tornado - Fancy Cookies (2007)

Genre: Emo / Indie
Website: Myspace
For Fans Of: Oh My God Elephant, Deer Friends, Clarissa Explains It All
Track List:
- Welcome To The Neighborhood
- Here's The Local Laundromat
- I Only Have Four Quarters For You
- Palmerade
- Are You For Spiritual?
- Gregge Bergman
- Ranch Dressing
- Pete
- Stop Shaking Your Leg
- Untitled 01
- Untitled 02

I pride myself on finding various gems roaming around on the interwebz, and somehow this one just flew right under the fucking radar.  Rainbow Tornado, previously known as Oh My God Elephant, are like Cap'n Jazz reincarnated, yes, the musicianship is that good.  Okay, maybe not that good, but real fucking good.  Look, I'm not going to argue with you anymore.  Download and enjoy, you will regret it if you don't.

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Student Affairs - The Distance Between Where I Am and Where I Want To Be (2015)

Genre: Emo / Screamo / Post-Hardcore
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Merchant Ships, Old Gray, The Saddest Landscape
Track List:
- Departure
- An Epitome
- Labels Lead To Hurt Feelings
- Slowly But Surely
- Chess
- Anymore
- Full House//John Stamos
- Conditional Love
- We Need To Talk
- Unwanted
- Thoughts Of Summer
- Arrival

Student Affairs is a band coming out of Allentown, PA that plays a Midwestern Emo / Screamo type of music in the vein of Merchant Ships.  Very playful half of the time, while the other half is filled with angst ridden instrumentation and vocals.  The lyrics are very relate-able and I found myself enjoying their spoken word tracks more than anything based purely off of the subtle instrumentals and compelling lyrics that are about every day life.  Whoever posted the link to their bandcamp in the chat box, thanks for the recommendation to check these guys out.  I was not disappointed at all.

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Porches - Pool (2016)

Genre: Lo-Fi / Indie / Pop
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: LVL UP, Pile, Eskimeaux
Track List:
- Underwater
- Braid
- Be Apart
- Mood
- Hour
- Even the Shadow
- Pool
- Glow
- Car
- Shaver
- Shape
- Security

Lot's and lot's of synthesizers and guitar pop that sounds like it could be the soundtrack for when you are lucid dreaming and acid tripping simultaneously.  Is that even possible?  Guess I'll have to find out to see if their is any truth to my description of Porches new LP, "Pool".  Every song on here sounds like a continuation of the previous one, and it could go on and on for an eternity and I wouldn't be mad.  It's too relaxing to get mad.  If you just want to chill out and listen to your dreams be recited back to you via music, then give this a download and enjoy your nap.

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Donovan Wolfington - How To Treat The Ones You Love (2015)

Genre: Emo / Indie / Punk
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Dowsing, One Hundred Year Ocean, Weezer
Track List:
- Ollie North
- Basalisk
- Mercurus
- Hxc Punk
- Slow Loris
- Locust
- Mosquito
- John Cena
- Rhonda
- Solo Cup
- Hershel Tuesday
- Manchac
- Sadhead

While browsing various review sites and blogs to try and plagiarize some words to put in my description I noticed something very disturbing.  A lot of ironic statements and oxymoron's being thrown around in the face of Donovan Wolfington's latest release, "How To Treat The Ones You Love".  Most of the sites throw around the words generic, not as good as the EP, not bad but not great, etc; but give these guys 4/5 stars or like an 8.0 rating.  Let's be real here, this album isn't magnificent, did anyone expect it to be the greatest thing you ever heard? No, of course not.  But the fact is, the varying styles presented in the album and the experimentation done while writing and recording this songs in nothing less than amazing.  I'd like to see you start a Weezer tribute band (kidding) and throw in some Trash Talk-esque songs, I bet you wouldn't, cause you're a little bitch.  Seriously though, give them a listen.  This album is definitely worth checking out, and being as amazing as it is I give it a solid 3/10.

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The Cardboard Swords - The Cardboard Swords (2015)

Genre: Emo / Pop Punk
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Brave Bird, Modern Baseball, TWIABPAIANLATD
Track List:
- (S)he Said
- Brian's Song
- Flannel
- Exit 47A
- Cardigan
- Your Dad is Kirk Hammet?
- A Year From Now
- Nickels
- I Swear I’m Usually Pretty Good at This
- Remnants

Here's another album that gives the listener a lot to take in at once.  A variety of different genres pushed together in one album, but none of it feels forced.  For some reason I get the vibe that they might push more toward a Wonder Years style in the future, and this debut album might end up being their opus.  Twinkly midwestern emo that comes fully equipped with rad riffs and enticing vocals, paired with words that actually make sense and draw you in even more.  Their self-titled album sounds like it could have been a Grown Ups side project with members that wanted a more poppy influence, while still incorporating that math rock style in the instrumentation.  Anyway, check 'em and enjoy.

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Liferuiner - Nomads EP (2016)

Genre: Hardcore / Metalcore / Generic HxC SxE
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Hundredth, Thick As Blood, Landscapes
Track List:
- Degeneration X
- N O M A D S
- Lost & Found
- Daywalker

I have to say, I'm really not a big fan of these guys.  A friend of mine wanted me to upload it to mediafire and hook him up so I figured I might as well post it here.  If it's any consolation, it certainly isn't bad and the production is really good.  Honestly, Liferuiner has a set fan base and if you like them you will like this.  If you like that beatdown style of hardcore then you will like this as well.  Give it a try, let me know what you think and if I'm being harsh by not giving them a chance.

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We Love You - I'll Go It Alone From Here EP (2015)

Genre: Emo / Alternative
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Diamond Youth, Superheaven, Dinosaur Jr.
Track List:
- Melt
- Don't Go Burning That Awning
- Cursed
- I'm Fine, You Okay Over There?
- I'll Go It Alone From Here
- As Long As I Die By Your Side

Hey you, yeah, you!  Come over here, I got something I want to show you!  Are you a fan of emotional, dream-esque punk with some super catchy and noodley riffs and a little pinch of hardcore here and there?  Then guess what champ, I found the band for you!  We Love You plays a blend of punk, melodic hardcore, post-rock, math-rock, and well, pretty much everything all jammed into a midwestern sounding emo band that could have been thriving in the 90s but instead they are going to be thriving now.  I guarantee you these guys go big in the next 3-5 years, so hop on now before you become a hipster!

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Nudes - Nudes (2015)

Genre: Lo-Fi / Indie / Emo
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Rites of Springs
Track List:
- Our Headache Years
- Drive Straight for the Black Hole
- The Dig
- Clarity
- Constant Summer
- Even With Broken Bones
- Promise You Won't Move Too Close
- Talk to Me in American

Nudes are a scrappy, shouty indie / emo band out of London who will sort of remind you of Husker Du.  Formed from members and ex-members of Saturdays Kids, Playlounge, and Breathe Out, it looks like they all finally found the sound they are looking for in their self-titled debut.  If you're anything like me, Nudes will produce a different sound then you are used to listening to on a daily basis.  So if anything, give them a chance just for that reason, if not for the fact that they are catchy as fuck.

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More Than Life - Love Let Me Go (Remastered) (2016)

Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Landscapes, Defeater, Dead Swans
Track List:
- Scarlet Skyline
- Curtains Closing
- The First Night of Autumn
- Take My Life Away
- Black Eyed
- Silent Grey
- I've Lost Track of Everything
- Daisy Hill
- Obsession
- Love Let Me Go

Everyone knows who More Than Life is that browses this blog, and everyone knows Love Let Me Go is one of the greatest melodic hardcore albums of all time.  OF ALL TIME.  Now, I'ma let you finish but this remaster seems kind of weird considering the album came out, what, like 5 years ago?  I'm not complaining, any reason to give More Than Life some more attention, I'm okay with that.  Enjoy guys!


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Say Anything - I Don't Think It Is (2016)

Genre: Alternative Rock
Website: Homepage
For Fans Of: Saves the Day, Two Tongues, Motion City Soundtrack
Track List:
- Give A Damn
- 17 Coked Up Speeding
- Rum
- So Numb
- Goshua
- Jiminy
- Princess
- The Bret Easton Ellis School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
- #Blessed
- Wire Mom
- Attaboy
- Varicose Visage

Say Anything is an Alternative Rock band from Los Angeles, California who constantly put out blah blah blah.  Listen, you guys know who Say Anything are, even if you don't like them most of the time (I'm one of those guys) you still know who they are.  I am listening to "I Don't Think It Is" as I type this, so I can't really describe it to you.  What I can tell you from the first two tracks is that it sounds a lot more raw then any of the previous albums, while still maintaining an "...Is A Real Boy" vibe.  Anyway, give it a shot and see if you like it.

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