Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Braid - No Coast (2014)

Genre: Braid
Website: Braid, syke it's Here
For Fans Of: Braid
Track List:
- Bang
- East End Hollows
- No Coast
- Damages!
- Many Enemies
- Pre-Evergreen
- Put Some Wings on That Kid
- Lux
- Doing Yourself In
- Climber New Entry
- Light Crisis
- This is Not a Revolution

Dude, it's a new Braid album.  Just fucking listen to it, because I haven't listened yet and have no grounds to make a shitty and unrelated review as usual.  Buy this fucking album, or some merch, whatever.  Let's keep these guys going, no more like 15 year breaks or whatever it was.  Enjoy everyone!

P.S. I also have the FLAC version, it's gonna take like fucking 2 hours to upload but if anyone wants it in that format just leave a comment or a request for it in the chat box.  Yep!

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  1. just a heads up..dead link. Love the blog and thank you

    1. I'll have it fixed by the end of the day. Thanks man!