Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain (2007)

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Screamo
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For Fans Of: All of their contemporaries are pretty wack
Track List:
- Untitled
- And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman
- It's Safe To Say You Dig The Backseat
- Strawberry Andre
- Lemon Meringue Tie
- Antlion
- Turn Off The Lights I'm Watching Back To The Future
- The Backwards Pumpkin Song
- Open Your Eyes And Look North
- Surprise! I'm from Cuba, Everyone has One Brain
- 12 Hours, 630 Miles

I honestly don't give a shit if you think these guys are corny, this is one of the greatest albums I have ever heard.  Listening to Downtown Battle Mountain isn't even a guilty pleasure for me, but if I happen to stumble onto some of their later work then I have no excuse for my poor taste in music and I might apologize.  This album has the greatest blend of Post-Hardcore, Screamo, and Emo all in one.  You get the noodley guitar riffs with a sort of Math Rock vibe to it in spots, then it transitions into the chilling undertones of the bass accompanied by the eerie vocals performed by Jonny Craig.  So I posted this up because it's constantly in rotation for me, and maybe some of you guys will dig it too if you somehow haven't listened to it in it's entirety.

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