Friday, January 29, 2016

Skinwalkers / City Wolves - Split EP (2016)

Genre: Emo / Indie
Website: Skinwalkers Bandcamp / City Wolves Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Pedro the Lion, Superheaven, Joy Division
Track List:

City Wolves Side
- West of the City
- What Does It Mean (Ft. Nathan Lachner)

Skinwalkers Side
- Rose (Intro)
- Inner Monologue (Ft. Dylan Greist & Watson Meyer)
- Troup

Another tasty treat courteously delivered via the chat box, we have the newly released split EP featuring Nevada natives Skinwalkers and City Wolves.  I wouldn't necessarily say that you should be fans of Pedro, Superheaven or Joy Division to enjoy these guys because they are two entirely different bands.  I listened to the Skinwalkers tracks first and immediately agreed with the 90s midwest emo sound that has sort of accompanied them on Bandcamp and Last.FM while City Wolves literally sound like a modern Joy Division, especially with the haunting vocals and echoing instrumentals.  Worst case scenario? You're at least going to like one of these guys, I walked out unscathed and thoroughly enjoy both bands and I have a feeling you will to.

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