Monday, February 1, 2016

BEA5T - Empathy Is A Gift EP (2016)

Genre: Screamo / Grindcore
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Ed Gein, The Locust, Head Wound City
Track List:
- Werewolves, Not Swearwolves
- A Coward's Disease
- Only The Punk Rock Go To Hamtramck
- Watch Yourself Instead

So this is Craig Owen's (Chiodos, Isles & Glaciers, etc;) 4 song grindcore EP that he recorded with a friend in his bedroom.  Yeah, I didn't know about this either.  Owen's explains that the reason for making the band and the EP in general was because he enjoyed bands like Ed Gein, The Locust, Converge and Botch growing up and just wanted to make something for fun.  That would explain the lack of promotion considering he's a considerably well known musician.  There isn't anything special about "Empathy Is A Gift" but it's a good listen and an honorable approach to branching out to something you enjoy from Owens.   All in all, I would give BEA5T another shot in the future if they release any other music.

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