Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chinese Football - Chinese Football (2015)

Genre: Emo / Post-Rock / Math-Rock
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: American Football, Mineral, The Promise Ring
Track List:
- 游戏开始 (Intro)
- 守门员
- 飞鱼转身
- 400米
- 不是人人都能穿十号球衣
- 世界悲
- 游戏暂停 (Interlude)
- 地球上最后一个EMO男孩
- 红牌罚下
- 帽子戏法
- 再见米卢
- 盲人摸象
- 游戏结束 (Outro)

Obviously pulling influences from American Football, the counterpart from Wuhan, China, Chinese Football, is way more then a band that at first sight appears to be nothing more than an attempt to be a clone of American Football.  Fans of the 90s emo movement will fall in love before the intro track has completed, and will note the beautiful instrumentation and flawless production paired with some of the most beautiful vocals I've ever heard.  While you progress through the album you will start to understand why I love this album so much.  Dreamy midwestern-esque emo with lots of twists and turns into the eastern side of the genre.  The guitar pushes out some extremely peaceful melodies at times, and other times you can feel the sadness portrayed through the instruments.  This might be the dopest thing I have posted on this blog so far, please check it out and support these guys.

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