Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Graf Orlock - Crimetraveler (2016)

Genre: Grindcore / Hardcore
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Magrudergrind, Comadre, Iron Lung
Track List:
- Bad Cell Service on Connecticut Avenue
- 600,000 Tons of Explosive Ordnance
- Afternoon Lunch at the Red Bacchus
- A Decent Proposal in a Shitty Alley
- Regional Turf War Spills Blood on Vegas Strip
- Nursing a Hangover
- Our Infallible Cybernetic Future
- Summer Getaway, Mount Hermon
- Difficult Decisions in the Yutani Mess Hall
- Cheaper, Safer, and Better than the Real Thing

This has already become my favorite Graf Orlock album to date, and it's kind of by a land slide.  I'm not sure if it's 100% just the songs or if it's a mixture between that and the flawless production.  "Crimetraveler" is a pleasure to listen to and makes me hopeful for the future of grindcore.  If you are a fan of grindcore, download this album.  If you are a fan of hardcore, download this album.  If you are a fan of music, download this album.  Then buy it.  I'm done pretending to enjoy writing this right now, I'm going to get back to being mad as fuck and punching walls while listening to this gem.  Enjoy, fuckers.

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