Friday, February 5, 2016

Liferuiner - Nomads EP (2016)

Genre: Hardcore / Metalcore / Generic HxC SxE
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Hundredth, Thick As Blood, Landscapes
Track List:
- Degeneration X
- N O M A D S
- Lost & Found
- Daywalker

I have to say, I'm really not a big fan of these guys.  A friend of mine wanted me to upload it to mediafire and hook him up so I figured I might as well post it here.  If it's any consolation, it certainly isn't bad and the production is really good.  Honestly, Liferuiner has a set fan base and if you like them you will like this.  If you like that beatdown style of hardcore then you will like this as well.  Give it a try, let me know what you think and if I'm being harsh by not giving them a chance.

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