Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mimisiku - The Thrill of Living (2016)

Genre: Emo / Post-Punk
Website: Homepage
For Fans Of: The Promise Ring, Texas Is The Reason, Braid
Track List:
- I Can't Sleep
- Kettlers of Satan
- What Means Obligated
- Ukume
- Cut Me Open and Crawl Inside Me, One Of Us Should Live
- Don't Do It
- The Hand Strikes and Gives a Flower
- It Depends On Whether Your Conception of Time is Linear or Circular
- A Constant State of Disrepair
- I Still Can't Sleep

Mimisiku is a relatively new group only forming in 2014 and easily making big strides in the music world already.  In the small emo collective or what have you, Mimisiku's LP, The Thrill of Living is a pretty large topic of conversation so I decided to check it out for myself.  The verdict?  I don't know, I haven't finished listening to it yet.  I'm about 3/4 into the album and so far it's amazing, just pure energetic punky emo that others have said it reminds them of early Alkaline Trio?  Sure, I guess.  I get more of a Braid vibe, like it sounds like Jimmy Eat World if anything.  Anyway, it's really good and catchy shit so check it out.  CYLS if you're reading this, I am sorry and will take it down immediately.  Just shoot me an email!  Also, click the homepage link to buy the album.

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