Monday, March 7, 2016

Into It. Over It. - Standards (2016)

Genre: Emo / Indie / Acoustic
Website: Myspace
For Fans Of: You Blew It!, Their / They're / There, Pet Symmetry
Track List:
- Open Casket
- Closing Argument
- No EQ
- Vis Major
- Your Lasting Image
- Old Lace & Ivory
- Adult Contempt
- Required Reading
- Bible Black
- Who Are You ≠ Where You Are
- Anesthetic
- The Circle of the Same Ideas

Into It. Over It. is the indie rock solo project of Chicago musician Evan Thomas Weiss.  It is considered one of the leading acts in the emo revival scene of the 2010's.  You may know his other projects as well, such as Their / They're / There alongside Mike Kinsella and Pet Symmetry with those dudes from Dowsing.  Anyway, check this out.

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