Thursday, March 17, 2016

Karate - Studio Album Discography (1996 - 2007)

Genre: Indie / Post-Rock
Website: Facebook
For Fans Of: The Van Pelt, June of 44, Joan of Arc
Track List:

Karate (1996)
- Gasoline
- If You Can Hold Your Breath
- Trophy
- What Is Sleep
- ---
- Bad Tattoo
- Every Sister
- Bodies
- Caffeine Or Me?

In Place of Real Insight (1996)
- This, Plus Slow Song
- New Martini
- Wake Up, Decide
- It's 98 Stop
- New New
- The New Hangout Condition
- On Cutting
- Die Die
- Today or Tomorrow

The Bed is in the Ocean (1998)
- There Are Ghosts
- The Same Stars
- Diazapam
- The Last Wars
- Bass Sounds
- Up Nights
- Fatal Strategies
- Outside is the Drama
- Not to Call the Police

Unsolved (2000)
- Small Fires
- The Lived-But-Yet-Named
- Sever
- The Roots and the Ruins
- One Less Blues
- The Halo of the Strange
- The Angels Just Have to Show
- Number Six
- This Day Next Year

Some Boots (2002)
- Original Spies
- First Release
- Ice or Ground?
- South
- In Hundreds
- Airport
- Baby Teeth
- Corduroy
- Remain Relaxed

Pockets (2004)
- With Age
- Water
- "The State I'm In" AKA "Goode Buy from Cobbs Creek Park"
- Cacophony
- Alingual
- Tow Truck
- Pines
- Concrete

595 (Live Album) (2007)
- The Roots and the Ruins
- Airport
- In Hundreds
- Original Spies
- Number 6
- There Are Ghosts
- Sever
- Caffeine or Me?

Alright, so I noticed a lack of this band on a lot of other blogs that I frequent and for some reason getting a hold of their music is fairly difficult but I ended up getting my hands on all of their studio albums.  Hooray!  The bad part is it's a mixed batch on quality ranging from 320kbps to 160kbps but I'm honestly not sure if high quality releases of their earlier stuff even exists.  But if it does, I would be super stoked if someone sent it to me!  I'm also impartial to receiving any of their splits and EP's so send them my way if you have them.  Anyway, Karate was a super dope indie rock band that utilized a lot of blues and jazz influences in their songs that I think everyone needs to have and if you don't have them already you should be ashamed.  Oh, and a lot of the tracks aren't in the correct place so forgive me, but it's an easy enough fix.  Aaaaand some of the tracks aren't properly named, but dammit I'm sorry!  Enjoy guys!

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  1. you're a good man, kevin. hope you keep it up for a while longer!

    quick fyi: links for unsolved and 595 are dead