Monday, July 7, 2014

Cold Foamers - All Cold Everything (2014)

Genre: Emo / Twinkly Pop / Indie
For Fans Of: Told Slant, Poverty Hollow, Stable Boys
Track List:
- Tantrum
- Ride Home
- Calm Down
- Always
- Marry
- Die, Yuppy Scum!
- Druglord Landlord
- Dead Dogs
- Rebecca
- Death Party
- Sludge
- Colin's Song
- Time for Some Awesome Breaking and Entering
- Sixteen

Wow.  Simply, wow.  This is some of the catchiest tunes in a genre of music I don't really listen to that often.  I was never a huge fan of the lo-fi poppy 80s beach waves in the distance surfing but still mad at the world but good times still seem to find their way to this small town kind of music.  Well, I enjoy all of that except the lo-fi, pop, and 80s beachy part.  With all of that being said, I enjoy everything about this album so far.  I'm glad Fallon Hall still posts some half decent shit on her blog (I'm kidding, all of it is good, link to her blog will be posted below).  Honestly, a lot of these songs remind me of The Pixies, it's reminiscent of songs like Here Comes Your Man and shit like that.  So good, so very very good.  Oh, it was also recorded and produced by Alex G if you like that guy.

Fallon's Blog
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