Monday, July 7, 2014

Young and in the Way - When Life Comes to Death (2014)

Genre: Blackened Crust / Black Metal
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Full of Hell, Torch Runner, Seven Sisters of Sleep
Track List:
- Betrayed By Light
- Fuck This Life
- Be My Blood
- Self Inflicted
- Loved and Unwanted
- We Are Nothing
- Final Dose
- Weep In My Dust
- Take My Hand
- Shadow of Murder
- Embrace Extinction

I had to eventually post something a little darker than my usual self, I can't let SE get away with all the cool brooding and emotionally hateful music.  This is self-hatred and anger mixed into a fucking blender (a blender with spikes and full body tattoos and shit) with some other filthy shit poured into the worlds tallest glass of unrelenting pain and agony that you gulp down but it never seems to go empty.  Watch out for the metaphors, they'll getcha.  Enjoy.

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