Friday, July 4, 2014

No Tongue - Body + Mind (2013)

Genre: Post-Punk / Emo
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Wild Moth, Brighter Arrows
Track List:
- Dwanta
- Shop Talk
- Sad Contest
- Sad Country

I had a lot, and I mean a fucking lot of bands send me their stuff throughout the years and I am just now getting back to all of them as best as I can.  This blog started as me posting shit that I enjoyed and that was basically it.  I didn't write any reviews or descriptions I just uploaded music that I liked, so that in case anything happened to my computer or my friends needed some tunes or whatever, I had all of this at my disposal.  Now, in the later years, we've kind of promoted the little guys more and more and written a few words about them and the progression they are making.  With that being said, I listened to their first release prior to downloading and listening to Body + Mind and I can honestly say there has been vast amounts of improvement from what I already thought was an intense release (ha, gay).  I'll link you guys to their bandcamp via the website button and the below 'download now' button.  As well as many other bands that we regurgitate onto our blog, this band comes jam packed with melodic and atmospheric tunes that can be flipped in an instant into tight tempos accompanied by intense discord and tense riffs.  The best way to describe or categorize this release is, well, pretty simple actually.  If you enjoy everything we have been putting out since the conception of CTD, you will fuck with these guys; hard.  Give em a shout on their facebooks or whatever too.  K, cool.

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