Friday, July 4, 2014

Handguns - Life Lessons (2014)

Genre: Pop Punk
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, This Time Next Year
Track List:
- Anvil
- Sleep Deprived
- Highway Robbery
- Heart vs Head
- I Can Relate
- The Loved Ones Who Hate Us
- Queens
- Give and Take
- Waiting For Your Ghost
- New Years Resolution

Does anyone even really listen to pop punk anymore without accidentally stumbling into like All Time Low or new Taking Back Sunday type music?  It seems like it happens every time I start a playlist.  The first song will be Blink 182 or The Wonder Years or something in that range, then 3 or 4 songs down the line I'll be listening to fuckin' Mayday Parade.  I mean, realistically there is almost no difference in any of these bands except the amount of "hardcore" or "punk" influences that are involved in them, right?  I mean the vocals always sound virtually the same, but if they use some sort of melodic hardcore guitar riffs it all of a sudden becomes obscure and cool to listen to in your car without the windows rolled all the way up in 100 degree weather.  Wait, what the fuck was I talking about?  Anyway, I do like this release, even though I'm only like 3 songs deep right now.  Worst comes to worst, the album is only like 25 minutes long, so no harm done right?  Enjoy!

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