Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cassus - This Is Dead Art; This Is Dead Time; But We May Still Live Yet (2015)

Genre: Emo / Screamo / Hardcore
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Ampere, Funeral Diner, Beau Navire
Track List:
- Tablecloth Warfare
- Publicitaire
- Exchange Rates Are Exactly What They Used To Be
- Tired Of Being Tired?
- Interlude
- Glitter Is Made Of Plastic
- We Are All Broken Circuits
- Proto-Post-[Axiom]
- Bubblegum Baby

There are times when I get sent a piece of music and I don't really know how to respond to the person sending it.  I thank them first and foremost for wanting me to help promote their music, and I usually follow up with how I personally feel about the release.  Now, I don't always upload everyone that sends me an email to the blog because it just doesn't resonate with me and if I don't like it then I refuse to post it.  Plain. And. Simple.  I have never, NEVER, received an email from someone and my first reaction to whatever they sent me was "Wow".  I've had this blog for at least 6-7 years, and I've never been personally given a piece of music that has blown me away like Cassus' TIDA;TIDT;BWMSLY (Sorry, It's super long).  When I said that this release is FFO bands in the scope of Ampere, Funeral Diner, Beau Navire, Orchid, etc; it's because these guys could easily be put on par or above each and every one of them.  The eerie instrumentals, the gut wrenching vocals and the seemingly flawless transition from one track to another has me listening to this over and over again to try and figure out where I went wrong in 2015 to have never heard of these guys.  My only complaint is that the god damn album name takes me longer to read than listening to the actual album, but I suppose it makes repetition easier in the long run which I can't complain about.  I've put the download link straight to their Bandcamp so they can get more views or hits or whatever it goes by, and so you can get it in whatever format you want.  Also, make sure you check out all of the little goodies they put in the album so that while you bust nuts out of your ears you can have an aesthetic eyegasm as well.  Enjoy!

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