Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sun Club - The Dongo Durango (2015)

Genre: Indie / Post-Rock / Pop
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: The Beach Boys fucking Animal Collective and making a beautiful deformity
Track List:
- Glob
- Summer Feet
- Worm City
- Carnival Dough
- Beauty Meat
- Language Juice
- The Dongo Durango
- Cheeba Swiftkick
- Puppy Gumgum
- Dress Like Mothers
- Tropicoller Lease

Well, well, well.  It's about damn time I get to put up some Baltimore based music (FYI that is my hometown) that actually gets my gears going.  The Sun Club creates a theorem, similar to a mathematical one but it goes something like Surf Rock + Pop + Post Rock = Fun in the Sun...Club.  I would strongly insist that after you give these guys a listen you purchase some of their stuff, it really is one of the catchiest albums I have ever listened to.  Make sure you turn off shuffle so that you can thoroughly enjoy the full experience of one song melting into another, flawlessly embracing each other like a mother and her newborn child, then watch as the umbilical cord gets bitten off in bloody fashion as the album ends and you're left wondering why you didn't just restart from the beginning before the last second ended.  Whatever, just give it a listen and support these dudes.

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