Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Like-Minded - Like-Minded EP (2016)

Genre: Indie / Emo / Post-Punk / Blues / Alternative / Everything You Can Imagine
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Slingshot Dakota, Lemuria, Into It. Over It.
Track List:
- Nice to Meet Me
- My Civil War
- Happy
- Monday
- The Moon Won't Set
- Get Set

I've gotten emailed a lot of dope tunes lately and Like-Minded is no different with their debut self-titled EP.  I think it's a little reckless to make a comparison to Slingshot Dakota, but man if Like-Minded doesn't sound like a more raw version then I don't know what does.  Now don't get me wrong, they bring their own thing to the table and Slingshot hasn't been on my radar in quite some time.  "Happy" might be my favorite song on the EP because of how twinkly and dreamy those vocals are.  No, seriously, they pierced my soul and holy shit it is so catchy.  Then out of nowhere "Monday" comes on and lives up to it's name.  If "Nice to Meet Me, My Civil War, and Happy" are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then it makes sense that "Monday" would abruptly change the entire tempo of the EP.  The different vibe and the new vocals being harmonized by the previous lead singer really drew me in.  The lead singer, who I am just now finding out is Cait Darcy (by checking their Bandcamp) really reminds me of Carlee Hendrix with a voice that could melt your heart and then rip it out.  At it's core, Like-Minded is a twinkly emo band but they can change into a raunchy post-punk powerhouse in an instant.  Oh, and "Get Sick" sounds like a bluesy ballad, how the fuck can you not love this?!  I'm done typing now because I'd like to listen to this even more without being distracted.

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