Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ivy League TX - Ivy League TX EP (2016)

Genre: Pop Punk
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Such Gold, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals
Track List:
- Daily Pt. III
- Four Years (Ft. Drew Fish)
- Cold Burn

These three songs very well may raise the bar on what it considered good, bad, and authentic pop punk.  I listened to the first track, "Daily Pt. III" and immediately got a Four Year Strong vibe.  Then "Four Years" came on and I thought to myself, "This is really reminiscent of Set Your Goals back when they were still acceptable to listen to".  "Cold Burn" is the final track and it sounded like pure Ivy League and it was the defining moment that I knew I wasn't just a fan of the genre, I was a fan of Ivy League.  Each song makes you just want to hit the repeat button so that you can chant along with these anthems.  Just download this and give them a listen for yourself, and if you come back unsatisfied, well...then...I feel sorry for you.

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