Monday, February 15, 2016

Brian Wilson - SMiLE (2004)

Genre: Pop
Website: Homepage
For Fans Of: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Paul McCartney
Track List:
- Our Prayer - Gee
- Heroes And Villains
- Roll Plymouth Rock
- Barnyard
- Old Master Painter - You Are My Sunshine
- Cabin Essence
- Wonderful
- Song For Children
- Child Is The Father Of The Man
- Surfs Up
- Im In Great Shape - I Wanna Be Around - Workshop
- Vega-Tables
- On A Holiday
- Wind Chimes
- Mrs. O'leary's Cow
- In Blue Hawaii
- Good Vibrations

I want you to download this, and listen to it without interruption from start to finish.  Sit there and just listen, don't let anything else distract you.  Once you reach the end of Good Vibrations, I want you to come to the realization that most of this was created and recorded in the 60's as a response to the Beatle's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" but never made it out to the public because of Brian's fading mental health.  Well he said fuck the Beach Boys and re-recorded everything with a new band and threw in some new songs.  But seriously, the fucking 60s man!  This would have been a REVOLUTIONARY release by the Beach Boys, but if anything it just proves how timeless Brian Wilson is as a musician.  I do wish the original Beach Boys could have been recorded on all of these tracks, but if you wan't at least some of them you can get your hands on the Smiley Smile album which (sadly) replaced this one when Brian started hearing noises in his head.  This is an absolute masterpiece, and is one of the many reasons why Brian is one of my favorite lyricists and musicians of all time.  Like seriously, there is a fucking song about vegetables where Paul McCartney is chewing god damn celery in the background!  Who the fuck thinks of shit like that?!

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