Monday, February 15, 2016

Boyfriends - A Discography of Mediocre Punk Rock (2013)

Genre: Post-Punk / Emo
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Boys & Sex, 1994!, Snowing
Track List:
- BF1
- BF2
- BF3
- Instrumental
- 1(800)BAD-DOUG
- Marc Is Gary
- Those Dude Boys
- Too Wild For Wild
- I Heard Punching
- People Stuff
- Real Serious Shit
- Chobra Son
- Untitled
- Deepak
- Two
- Chobra Son (Barf Academy Edit)
- Four
- Five

Boyfriends is what happens when you mix 1994! and Snowing together, they make post-punk emo music and then I think disband and never do music ever again?  I don't honestly know if they perform anymore, I seriously doubt it though.  1(800)BAD-DOUG is seriously the most re-playable song ever solely based off of the intro.  You just gotta hear it.  Anyway, this is their full discography (I think) and it deserves your tender loving care and desperately requires your attention.  Alright? Alright!

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