Saturday, February 13, 2016

Caleb Lionheart - Think Hardcore. Play Pop Punk EP (2008)

Genre: Pop Punk / Melodic Hardcore
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Bangarang, After the Fall, Anchors
Track List:
- Home
- Vultures
- Keep Time, Lose Track
- Rules Of Attraction
- The Circus We´ve Become

Caleb Lionheart started as a New Years Resolution in 2007 by two friends and a guitar. Three years later it has blossomed into four best friends, three EPs, four East Coast tours, two vans, three former drummers, and a broken nose. Sometimes, everyone gets together, writes punk songs and plays them as fast they can. Sometimes, two or three members write acoustic songs and sing them at the top of their lungs. Sometimes, people sing along. You should too.  Just for good measure, I'm going to throw in their other EP, because why not.

Download Now

Download Climbing Up A Mountain, Just For The View

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