Monday, February 22, 2016

Daïtro - Y (2009)

Genre: Screamo
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Sed Non Satiata, Raein, Amanda Woodward
Track List:
- Part I
- Part II
- Part III
- Part IV
- Part V
- Part VI
- Part VII
- Part VIII
- Part IX
- Part X

This is an essential screamo album.  There really is no beating around the bush with this one, Y is legitimately one of the greatest screamo albums ever released.  Don't speak French? Doesn't fucking matter, it's that good!  I will never understand how a band this good can just call it quits.  I don't care if the drummer murdered your mother, you keep releasing albums dammit.  Just download this, you need to.  Don't get left behind.

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