Friday, February 12, 2016

Pinkshinyultrablast - Grandfeathered (2016)

Genre: Shoegaze / Dream Pop
Website: Facebook
For Fans Of: Whirr, Astrobrite, Skywave
Track List:
- Initial
- Glow Vastly
- I Catch You Napping
- Kiddy Pool Dreams
- Comet Marbles
- The Cherry Pit
- Mölkky
- Grandfeathered

This is some seriously trippy shit at certain parts of the songs, man.  Like it sounds like I became pixelated and was traversing some weird video game related world in my mind.  This is like the soundtrack to stop Adam Sandler from making Pixel, and save the world from that monstrosity.  Anyway, this is some seriously dope shit and the best part is that it's the first time I've ever listened to them.  Thanks to Sophie's Floorboard for putting me on some shit outside of my comfort zone.  Anyway, each song is completely different from the other and I think most of you can get down with this.  Not to mention, these guys have a pretty large fanbase so it's not like I'm throwing you a curve ball here with more obscure goofy emo / screamo bands.  Enjoy guys!

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