Friday, February 5, 2016

Student Affairs - The Distance Between Where I Am and Where I Want To Be (2015)

Genre: Emo / Screamo / Post-Hardcore
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Merchant Ships, Old Gray, The Saddest Landscape
Track List:
- Departure
- An Epitome
- Labels Lead To Hurt Feelings
- Slowly But Surely
- Chess
- Anymore
- Full House//John Stamos
- Conditional Love
- We Need To Talk
- Unwanted
- Thoughts Of Summer
- Arrival

Student Affairs is a band coming out of Allentown, PA that plays a Midwestern Emo / Screamo type of music in the vein of Merchant Ships.  Very playful half of the time, while the other half is filled with angst ridden instrumentation and vocals.  The lyrics are very relate-able and I found myself enjoying their spoken word tracks more than anything based purely off of the subtle instrumentals and compelling lyrics that are about every day life.  Whoever posted the link to their bandcamp in the chat box, thanks for the recommendation to check these guys out.  I was not disappointed at all.

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