Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Taken - Carry Us Until There Is Nothing Left (2014)

Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Counterparts, More Than Life, Defeater
Track List:
- Arrested Impulse
- The Duke
- Threaded Paths
- Eternity Was on Our Lips
- Swirling Memories
- Never an Answer
- Same Story, Different Day
- The Most Feared Thing
- A Coward for You
- A Typical Cliche
- Beauty in Dead Flowers
- Overused History
- Overshadowing at 100 East
- What's Best Right Now
- Intro
- Drowning in Numbers
- Pacifier
- Dress Rehearsal
- Open Roads
- Waking up with a Smile
- The Best I Had

It's pretty funny seeing an intro song as the fifteenth track of a twenty-one track album, right?  Wrong!  Because this is not an album, it's an anthology which means that it is a collection of all of their work up until that point!  Now I have never heard of these guys, but it seems like they were or are pretty big?  I could be wrong about that too but somehow they flew under my radar.  I am a strong believer that their is a really thin line between good melodic hardcore and bad melodic hardcore, and Taken, is very good melodic hardcore.  This is twenty-one beautifully written, wonderfully performed, and masterfully recorded.  It would behoove you to give these guys a chance.  Also, this is a 200 MB album, so sorry if it takes forever to download for some of you but it's so fucking worth it.

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