Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tommy Boys - Tommy Boys (2015)

Genre: Emo / Math Rock / Pop Punk
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: You Blew It!, Prawn, Dikembe
Track List:
- College Radio
- In Jeans
- Estate Sale
- Friends In Theory
- Never On Time
- Atlantic Grandeur
- 21 Reruns
- Ambiguous Seasons
- Song 1

Tommy Boys is a mathy emo band with a nice pop punk vibe to them coming out of good old San Francisco, California.  You know what they sound like?  They sound like if American Football and Grown Ups combined their instrumentation and then put the lead singer from Transit on vocals.  Does that not sound fucking amazing? Because it is, it really is.  Those mathy guitar riffs man, I'm such a sucker for shit like that and these guys nailed it so perfectly.  I hope they get way more recognition because they truly deserve it.  Give these dudes a listen and let me know what you think!

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  1. this album is for fuckin real

    1. Right?! Crazy good! They have their demos on Youtube too if you're interested.