Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Expire - Old Songs (2016)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk
Website: Facebook
For Fans Of: Backtrack, Rotting Out, Trapped Under Ice
Track List:
- 356
- Navy Blue or Black
- Expired
- Darker
- Anchor
- Sold Short
- Sleep Lost
- First Fall
- Grip
- Focus
- Tucked Away

Expire is a hardcore punk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that consists of ex-members of Take Control, Wholehearted, and Barriers Now Bridges.  Typical of a lot of Bridge 9 bands, they play a very fast paced melodic hardcore style of punk rock and these guys do it good.  They are putting out a new full length this year so before they release that they decided to put out an album consisting of a lot of their older material from EP's and I assume splits or compilations.  Anyway, these dudes rule and you should check this out!

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