Thursday, March 10, 2016

Movements - Outgrown Things EP (2016)

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Emo / Pop Punk
Website: Homepage
For Fans Of: Seahaven, Balance and Composure, Daylight
Track List:
- Kept
- Nineteen
- Worst Wishes
- Hatchet
- Vacant Home
- Losing Fight

Hey alright, so as you can see I'm taking it a little bit slower now and apart from me posting random shit that I enjoy, 99% of the time I will only be posting new releases and certain requests.  Anyway, Movements is a super catchy post-hardcore band from California, USA that tour with bands like Balance and Composure all the time.  So if you are into this kind of stuff, then I suggest trying to go to one of their live shows because they are probably bomb as fuck.

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