Monday, February 15, 2016

Archie Alone - Split 7" (2016)

Genre: Emo / Pop Punk / Post-Hardcore
Website: Bandcamp
For Fans Of: Brand New, Saves the Day, The Movielife
Track List:
- Broken
- Mend

I don't normally like posting Split EP's, especially when they don't come with the other half.  But, hey, I'm in a pretty good mood and I really enjoy this band I just happened to come across, Archie Alone.  Now before I go into a little more detail I want to mention that they have a four song EP or Demo on their bandcamp as well, so I would advise giving that a listen as well.  If you are anything like me 2 songs just can't get you into a band, I need a little more time to be exposed to a new sound and see if I like it and dammit, I like these guys.  The main reason you need to download the first release is because you get that post-hardcore and emo vibe a lot more than the split.  It's a lot more raw and really takes you into the mind of the person writing the lyrics, but when you get to the split you get this polished pop punk sound while still holding on to the emo roots that had been previously planted.  I, personally, got a Brand New mixed with Bayside mixed with that Storm the Beaches band I posted previously.  If I was recommending you stuff based on specific bands though, I'd say Brand New, Saves the Day, and maybe The Movielife.  So if you don't like one genre, or two genres, or any of the ones posted above, you will surely find SOMETHING you are looking for by listening to Archie Alone.  I'll upload their EP as well, if you're too damn lazy to click on their bandcamp link above.

Download Split 7"

Download Through the Door

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